Wifi Software For PC Windows 7 Free Download

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Wifi Software For PC Windows 7 Free Download is a useful tool. Or PC hotspot software; use this program to turn your laptop into an accessible Wi-Fi hotspot. You can easily and conveniently meet your web browsing needs on multiple devices. Thus, the internet connection created by a laptop is compatible with laptops, smartphones, game consoles, and Xbox iDevices. Kindle, external media players, Google glasses, smartwatches, etc., Readers, and game consoles. Besides Wi-Fi, this utility also allows you to share your network via USB and GPRS.

Wifi Software For PC Windows 7 Free Download

Everyone knows that Wifi Software For Windows 7 is essential in our lives now. The Internet is deeply rooted in our lives, and it’s hard to imagine life without it. Today, from ordering food to calling the car home, almost everything is done over the Internet. However, maintaining a lifestyle based on the Internet and wireless networks is very expensive. For those who don’t like technology, this is a bit confusing. Don’t just pay for mobile devices and personal computers. You also have to pay for the router and internet subscription. DEAL Wifi Hotspot is a good choice for all these expenses.

In recent years, Wi-Fi software has become one of the most popular technologies for connecting smart devices and computers. Unfortunately, the cost of the network is still high and it is not possible to connect to Wi-Fi anytime, anywhere. It can also lower your data transfer costs and save you money. In short, the program acts like a virtual WiFi router that works just like a real third-party router. Although this tool is free. But the developers did not go for the quality of the connection. That being said, it is a basic tool that does not mean using a large number of data connections or extended use at the same time.

You can reduce your data transfer costs when using the program. Especially when you travel. For example, you can use your hotel’s Wi-Fi network for more devices at no extra charge. With Wifi Software For Windows 10, you can create hotspots and share them with others. One of the main features of this plan is that it acts as a WiFi signal booster, helping you extend the power and range of your existing connection. Free WiFi Hotspot is the perfect software for all your navigation needs and needs because the program has a simple and intuitive interface. This way, you can install it in seconds. Just download the program to set up a laptop hotspot. And follow the clear instructions to start expanding your Wi-Fi connection to other devices.

As mentioned earlier, free Wi-Fi software For PC Windows 7 Free Download 64-bit allows you to use your internet connection across devices. This includes game consoles, laptops, smartwatches, Google glasses, iDevices, Android devices, Kindle, PlayStation, Xbox game consoles, etc. Wifi Software For PC Windows 7 Free Download allows you to turn your personal computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot by effectively creating suspicious routers. With Wifi Software For PC Windows 7 Free Download, you can share your Internet with others. Many people use strict and expensive pricing plans. This will increase the cost of your Internet connection. Likewise, you want to avoid expensive data roaming charges when traveling to another area. With free Wi-Fi hotspots, you can take advantage of free Wi-Fi networks to dramatically reduce your data costs.

Wifi Software For PC Windows 7

When using this Wi-Fi software For Windows 7 Ultimate, you don’t need to worry about your mobile operator’s unlimited data plan to connect. Free Wi-Fi hotspot means you don’t have to pay. If you know a free Wi-Fi hotspot in your area or office, you can use it to extend your connection to multiple devices. Wi-Fi hotspot transactions are very fast and easy to set up. The file is small, so it’s easy to download. The installation procedure does not take much time. The driver is installed with one click. After a few seconds, the program was successfully installed.

Wifi Software For PC Windows 7 Free Download

Wifi Software Download has a very simple interface. There are only three things you need to know about the program’s interface. The first is the Wi-Fi name, which specifies the name of the Wi-Fi hotspot that will be displayed to anyone who wants to connect. The second is the Wi-Fi password. The user must enter this password when connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot. DEAL Wifi Hotspot gives the user a randomly generated username and password. However, the user can change these two elements as they see fit. The third thing to look out for is restarting the free Wi-Fi button. Pressing this button will activate the Wi-Fi hotspot, but it should be noted that the user needs a Wi-Fi adapter to run the program.

Wifi Software For Windows 7 64-bit also provides COM interfaces for all API functions so that you can manage WiFi settings in VB or .NET languages ​​like VB.NET or C. WiFi-Manager can specify a WiFi adapter. Active networks and getting settings: You can use it as a regular Wi-Fi manager since it also allows you to connect and disconnect these networks. You can create different config files. WiFi Manager is easy to use. If you find it difficult to find, don’t worry because it also has a sample app to help you learn how to use it.

Wifi Software For PC Windows 7 Free Download can act as a repeater for your home router. Expand your horizons and provide Internet access wherever you need it. Connect to your home network using general settings to connect to your home network. Enter the same Wi-Fi name and password, then tap Turn on the hotspot. Depending on the distance, your device will automatically connect to the Internet via a Maryfi hotspot or home router. In addition, if you use these settings to run Maryfi away from home, any device that needs to be connected to a specific network (such as an Eye-Fi card or wireless printer) will work without any additional configuration. Wherever you are!

Wifi Software For PC Windows 7 Free Download


  • List available wireless networks.
  • View the details of the connected wireless network and set the default gateway and DNS server IP address.
  • Provides automatic configuration of PEAP client authentication.
  • Automatically detect if a connection to an access point is required.
  • Diagnose problems with ping connection, DNS server, default gateway, access point, ISP home page, etc. The diagnostic result can be saved as a text file.
  • Automatically connect to the self-organizing network:
  • Easily set up automatic peer-to-peer or wireless access point (WAP) connections. As long as the desired network or WAP appears next to your location, it will connect automatically.
  • Location:
    Use information from surrounding Wi-Fi networks to determine your current location. Wifi Suite collects information from nearby networks and uses Google’s geolocation service to determine your location.
  • Quick connection:
    Boost your Wi-Fi connection speeds up to 6x. Wifi Suite uses an optimized connection algorithm to shorten connection times.
  • Especially when connecting to a new network
  • Import and export of network configuration files:
  • Export your Wi-Fi profile and save it for future use. For example, you can back up and restore access to known networks after reinstalling the operating system.
  • A large amount of information and accuracy:
  • Get all available information about the Wi-Fi interface, network, and network profile. Network signal quality with over 80% accuracy and Wi-Fi function.
  • Network statistics:
    You can view all processes using Wi-Fi connections and internet traffic.


  • Fast installation
  • Simple interface
  • You are not resourced hungry
  • Newbie friend


  • Other software may be included during the installation
  • There are no other customization options
  • No troubleshooting help
  • Limited functionality

What’s New?

  • Scanner wifi
  • Audit Mode and Wireshark 1.2 Integration
    (For the latest version, please check Acrylic Wi-Fi Sniffer.)
  • Allow professional use.
  • Airscape card holder
  • List of objects
  • Information about connected devices
  • Create reports and export data and images.
  • Learn more about AP and its clients

System Requirements:

  • Pentium PC or higher;
  • Windows-compatible Wi-Fi adapter;
  • 512 MB of RAM (1024 MB recommended);
  • 20 MB of free hard disk space;
  • Video adapter compatible with SVGA

Wifi Software Key:


Wifi Software Registration Key:


Wifi Software Activation Key:


How to Install:

  • Download the file from the following link
  • Install it to your device
  • Follow the installation Process
  • Click Finish to complete the installation Process
  • The software is ready to use

Wifi Software For PC Windows 7 Download is Here:

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